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Building Excellence for Over Twenty Years

Kurt Schwarz

Kurt has been in business for 25 years; he is a 2nd generation builder/remodeler. Under the guidance of his architect father and remodeling contractor mother, he learned that maintaining integrity and attention to detail are critical factors to the field of homebuilding.

Kurt listens to his customers and focuses on bringing their ideas to reality. At Schwarz Builders we work as a team comprised of the customer, the architect and our subcontractors.

Janet Engebretson

Janet has been a part of Schwarz Builders Inc. team for 22 years. She began doing painting and touchup of the Schwarz Builders Inc/Schwarz Architects new office space in Wayzata, MN. Kurt quickly learned of Janet’s small business accounting experience, which he put to use so that he could concentrate on his clients. Today Janet’s role has grown to include everything from “office management” to “design consulting” to “final cleaning.” She enjoys working with the Schwarz Builders team to ensure successful outcomes and satisfied clients.

André LaTondresse

Jean André LaTondresse AIA is president and founder of JAL Architects Ltd. He has been practicing architecture for more than 40 years; 15 years working with Richard Schwarz, Kurt’s father. For the past 20 years he has majored in the design of new homes and home remodeling. He has unique ability to listen to clients’ wishes and respond with designs that realize the full potential of the design elements that are a part of each project. He has broad client, consultant, and building official relations experience and is a knowledgeable interpreter of Minnesota Codes.

Dan Sharpe

Dan is not simply a carpenter, but rather a meticulous woodcrafter. Sixteen years of uncompromising dedication to the execution of complex and detailed designs has made him an integral and critical element of the Schwarz Builders Inc. design and construction team.

Jeff Tillemans

Jeff is a natural born, carpenter; his father was a lifetime carpenter himself. Jeff has been working with Schwarz Builders Inc. for more than a decade and is a one of a kind foreman/finish carpenter. His eye for detail and problem solving skills are invaluable in today’s industry.

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Exceptional Design and Workmanship Since 1989

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